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Nightlife Sound & Lighting

Pioneer DJ
DJ installations, Nightclub design

A disc jockey (DJ) is a person who mixes different sources of pre-existing recorded music as it is playing, usually for a live audience in a nightclub, dance club, any other venue or via broadcasting.


Several techniques are used by DJs as a means to better mix and blend recorded music. These techniques primarily include the cueing, equalization and audio mixing of two or more sound sources. The complexity and frequency of special techniques depend largely on the setting in which a DJ is working. Radio DJs are less likely to focus on advanced music-mixing procedures than club DJs, who rely on a smooth transition between songs using a range of techniques. However, some radio DJs are experienced club DJs, so they use the same sophisticated mixing techniques.


Club DJ turntable techniques include beatmatching, phrasing, and slip-cueing to preserve energy on a dance floor. Turntablism embodies the art of cutting, beat juggling, scratching, needle drops, phase shifting, back spinning and more to perform the transitions and overdubs of samples in a more creative manner (although turntablism is often considered a use of the turntable as a musical instrument rather than a tool for blending recorded music). Professional DJs may use harmonic mixing to choose songs that have incompatible musical keys.


Recent advances in technology in both DJ hardware and software can provide assisted or automatic completion of some traditional DJ techniques and skills. Examples include phrasing and beatmatching, which can be partially or completely automated by utilizing DJ software that performs automatic synchronization of sound recordings, a feature commonly labeled "sync". Most DJ mixers now include a beat-counter which analyzes the tempo of an incoming sound source and displays its tempo in beats per minute (BPM), which may assist with beatmatching analog sound sources.


SOUNDVIEWSI delivers and installs professional nightclub sound and lighting solutions for clubs, bars, lounges, theme clubs and high-end dance clubs.

Some of our equipment includes:



    ‣  DJ Mixer & Controller (with specialized DJ Sound Card)

    ‣  Laptop

    ‣  DJ Sound Effects, Audio Files & Music Database

    ‣  Headphones

    ‣  Microphones

    ‣  Electronic Effects Units

    ‣  Samplers, Sequencers, Electronic Musical Keyboards (Synthesizers), or Drum Machines

    ‣  PA System or Sound Reinforcement System (Power Amplifiers and Speaker Enclosures), typically including Subwoofer Cabinets

    ‣  Broadcasting Equipment or Recording Gear (if a DJ is broadcasting and/or recording a set)

    ‣  Monitor Speakers

    ‣  Stands, Racks and Cables




Professional DJ/Nightclub, Audio, Lighting, Stage & Video Installations
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Nightlife Sound & Lighting


Our Offerings & Solutions


    ‣  Professional DJ/Nightclub System Design, Installation & Integration

    ‣  Digital, Mobile & Video DJ System Solutions

    ‣  Pro DJ/Karaoke/Videoke Solutions

    ‣  Pro DJ/KJ Video & Projection Systems

    ‣  Delivery and Installation of Audio & Lighting Systems for:




       Theme Clubs

       High-end Dance Clubs

    ‣  DJ/KJ Systems for Community Space or Large, Multi-purpose Guest Center

    ‣  Indoor/Outdoor DJ/KJ Integration & Calibration Services

    ‣  Dance Club & Stage DJ Lighting & Effects Solutions

    ‣  Complete DJ/KJ Audiovisual Mixing/Sampling/Effects Software Solutions

    ‣  Commercial & Residential DJ Studio Installation & Calibration

    ‣  DJ Sound Effects, Audio Files & Music Databases

    ‣  On-Site Walkthrough Consultation and Inspection Services

    ‣  DJ/Nightclub & Karaoke Systems Maintenance, Service and Support



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Nightclub Sound & Lighting

Soundview provided us with an
audio engineer. With his expertise,
he helped our DJs improve their sets
and the overall quality of our club sound.

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