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Network Infrastructure

Network Architecture Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the internetworking of "connected devices" and "smart devices", buildings, and other items, enabling a more efficient way to collect and exchange data. This infrastructure is one of the most important key players in the information society. It is so big today that everyone wants to constantly be and stay "connected" everywhere they go. The trend is such, that people get anxious when they feel they're "off the grid."


IoT offers advanced connectivity of devices, systems and services for communication networks, and covers a variety of protocols, domains, and applications that today's businesses rely heavily upon. The interconnection of these embedded devices (including smart objects), is expected to usher in automation in nearly all fields, while also enabling advanced applications like a smart grid, and expanding to the areas such as Smart Cities and Smart Energy Management Systems.


Based on the application domain, IoT products can be classified broadly into five different categories: smart wearable, smart home, smart city, smart environment and smart enterprise.


The data in these networks is transmitted via cables and also wirelessly (LAN & WLAN). WiFi is a technology for wireless local area network with devices based on the IEEE 802.11 standards. Devices that can use WiFi technology include personal computers, video-game consoles, smartphones, digital cameras, tablet computers, digital audio players and modern printers. SOUNDVIEWSI designs, integrates and maintains data centers and LAN & WLAN network solutions, including wireless access points to connect devices to the internet and provide data services.


WIFI is everywhere. As a business owner, you could even have clients stay longer at your establishment, just by providing access to the internet via openly available WIFI. Take for example Starbucks, which is the go-to-place for having a face-to-face sit-down, to grab a snack, a coffee and be able to "stay connected" via WIFI — all under the same roof...


Whatever your wired or wireless network needs are, to connect and enable your Internet of Things (IoT): SOUNDVIEWSI's solutions are functional yet affordable.



Data Center Design & Installation
Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure


Our Offerings & Solutions


    ‣  Networking Engineering

    ‣  Design, Integration and Custom Computer Network Configuration

    ‣  Comprehensive Network Consulting Services

    ‣  Internet of Things Deployment (IoT)

    ‣  IP-Based Phone & Communication Systems

    ‣  POH & PoE in Digital Buildings

    ‣  IT Consulting, Project Management and Integration Services

    ‣  POS and Barcode Solutions

    ‣  High Density WiFi Systems and Solutions Installation

    ‣  Wireless Network Configuration

    ‣  Media-Streaming Systems

    ‣  Network Server Installation and Support

    ‣  Cell Phone Signal Boosting Solutions

    ‣  IT Mobility Solutions for Small & Medium Business

    ‣  Disaster Recovery Planning

    ‣  Network Security & Performance

    ‣  Certified Small, Medium Business and Enterprise Specialists

    ‣  IP Phone Systems for Businesses

    ‣  Network Support Plans for Small, Medium Business & Enterprise

    ‣  Network Hardware & Software Support

    ‣  Network Infrastructure, System/Network Administration

    ‣  Reconfiguration, Network and Cloud Migration Services (Email & Server Migration)

    ‣  Data Center Infrastructure Management

    ‣  IP Addressing, DSL, Satellite, T-1 Line & Wireless Protocols 

    ‣  Integrated Cloud Applications and Platform Services

    ‣  Network Connectivity Troubleshooting

    ‣  Server Hardware Service Including Disk Drives, Memory, & Backup Devices

    ‣  Network Operating System Maintenance

    ‣  Support for SANs, NAS, Firewall, Switches, VPNs, & Routers

    ‣  Network Administration & IoT Device Connectivity Management

    ‣  Creating / Deleting User IDs & Login Scripts

    ‣  Maintenance of Printing Configs & Print Queues

    ‣  Maintenance of Network Login and Internet Connection Security

    ‣  Update Client Software Drivers & Virus Protection

    ‣  Configuration of Remote and Tape Backup Jobs

    ‣  Monitor and Verify Remote Backup Jobs

    ‣  On-Site Consulting and Inspection Services

    ‣  Network Infrastructure Systems Maintenance, Service and Support



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